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Locomotives and rolling stock requires installation of Microsoft Train Simulator or Open Rails.

Milwaukee Road GP38-2

Milwaukee Road GP38-2 beta for Open Rails. This release under GNU license requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources.

Download Dekosoft Trains Milwaukee Road GP38-2 beta 1.5

Union Pacific Mainline Power

31 October 2016: Version 2.0 released. New SD70M locomotives and freight car set expanded, with additional improvements to previous models.

Dekosoft Trains presents modern era locomotives in Union Pacific Mainline Power for Open Rails. This set includes General Electric AC44CW, AC45CCTE and EMD’s SD60M and SD70M models with prototypical details and high resolution textures, custom sounds and 3D cab views.

General Electric introduced the AC4400CW (UP class CW44AC) and the similar Dash 9-44CW in 1993. These advanced technology locomotives saw great success in deployment Class 1 railroad across the US. Both models are powered by the 4,400 horsepower 7FDL16 prime mover and ride on six-axle high adhesion trucks. In contrast to the Dash-9, the AC units use alternating current traction motors instead of direct current to provide improved performance at low speeds and electronic controller technology for maximum pulling power in adverse conditions.

Union Pacific rostered 1,338 AC4400CWs, including patched units acquired from Southern Pacific and Chicago and Northwestern mergers. Later models were updated with Computerized Traction Software and designated AC4400CW-CTE. This unique UP safety modification limits the amount of horsepower delivered when the units are in helper service in the middle or at the rear of a train.

The EMD SD60M evolved from General Motors’ long history of producing high horsepower road units. In 1984 EMD introduced its 60 series to extend and replace fleets of six-axle SD’s, and succeed its highly popular SD40-2. Facing strong competition from General Electric, the EMD models raised performance through introduction of the 710G power plant yielding 3,800 horsepower. Union Pacific purchased 366 SD60Ms with three window and two window variations.

EMD’s SD70M carried forward the advances of the SD60 series with a 16-cylinder, 4,000 horsepower prime mover, standard safety cab, modular electronics and the introduction of the HTCR self-steering truck to provide improved traction and lessen wear on rails. After 2000, larger flared radiators were added to improve cooling efficiency and meet EPA Tier 1 requirements. Union Pacific recieved over 1,500 units in multiple orders. Our model features new sounds, 3-d cabview and flared and non-flared versions with high poly details and 2k resolution textures.


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Order  Dekosoft Trains Union Pacific Mainline Power

  • AC45CCTE 5327
  • AC45CCTE 7415
  • C44ACCTE 5581
  • C44ACCTE 5994
  • AC44CW 6413 (SP patch)
  • AC44CW 6722 (CNW patch)
  • AC44CW 6870
  • AC44CW 7221
  • Dash 9-CW44 9564
  • SD60M 2485
  • SD60M 2488
  • SD70M 4473
  • SD70M 4512
  • SD70M 4924 (flared radiators)
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Additional files required:

Download Union Pacific Mainline Power Freight Car Set v.2.6

(requires password included in UP Mainline Set)

Download Dekosoft Mainline Common Files v.1.0.4

(requires password included in UP Mainline Set)



Download Union Pacific Mainline Power Update (v1x to v2)

Needed ONLY for version 1.x sets only. Requires password included in UP Mainline Set.

Cushioned Coil Car Set #1

Roll your steel loads in these cushioned coil cars. This reissued set features six unique cars with oval and square hoods to protect the cargo. Compatible with Microsoft Train Simulator and Open Rails — free download.

Download Dekosoft Trains Coil Car Set v.1.5

Upated 3 May 2015

GP30 Pro Edition: BNSF + Santa Fe sets

The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway dispatched GP30s to handle its fast freight trains through the Southwest. The phase II models of EMD’s second generation switcher rolled out of the factory in 1963, but many saw service through the company’s merger with Burlington Northern. Thanks to upgrades from railroad’s Cleburne, Texas shops, they boast 2,500 horsepower — a 250 horsepower increase over the standard GP30 — Santa Fe designated them as GP30u’s. Our GP30 Pro Edition Santa Fe set depicts units 2713 and 2744 in the famous blue and yellow warbonnet colors. Also included is unit 3244, a phase I model, in original early 60s livery.

Our companion BNSF set comes a trio of GP30u diesel locomotives, painted in post-merger colors. These weathered, long surviving veterans are employed for local service.

GP30 Installation and Operating Instructions (PDF)

GP30 Pro Edition Santa Fe

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  • ATSF 2713
  • ATSF 2744
  • ATSF 3224

GP30 Pro Edition: BNSF

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  • BNSF 2425
  • BNSF 2452
  • BNSF 2472

Order BNSF and Santa Fe sets COMBINED PACKAGE– save $2!

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Order GP30 Pro Edition Santa Fe ONLY

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Order GP30 Pro Edition BNSF ONLY

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BNSF Super Set

Our Burlington Northern Santa Fe Super Set brings you classic diesels with modern liveries. Featured in this value-priced package are detailed assortment of six-axle and four-axle units with matching freight equipment.

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BNSF Super Set Version 2.5*


  • GP39-2 #2799
  • GP50 #3168
  • GP50 #3184
  • SD40-2 #6349
  • SD40-2 #6902
  • SD40-2 #7038
  • SD40-2 #8000

Freight cars:

  • 50′ boxcars
  • 89′ autorack
  • 3-bay covered hopper

Also requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources (free download).

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* Due to licensing restrictions, available to U.S. customers only.

Union Pacific Super Set

The Union Pacific Railroad provided America’s first transcontinental link to the West. Today it is the largest railroad in North America, operating over 32,000 route miles in 23 states. Now fans of this carrier can collect our set of its modern era equipment. It includes a large assortment of four-axle and six-axle locomotives, featuring high resolution textures and sounds, plus new rolling stock to match.

Download Union Pacific Super Set Version 2.5.1 [88.7MB]


  • GP15-1 #1598
  • GP38-2 #293
  • GP40-2 #908
  • SD40-2 #3255
  • SD40-2 #3299
  • SD40-2 #3763
  • SD40-2 #3825
  • SD50 #5525
  • SD50 #5062

Download Union Pacific Freight Car Set Version 2.5.1 [39.8MB]


  • three-bay coal hoppers
  • 100 ton covered hoppers
  • 89′ autorack
  • 50′ boxcars
  • bay window caboose

Also requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources (free download).

CSX Super Set

CSX Transportation, Inc. comprises the largest freight rail network in the Eastern United States, and its legacy dates back to the first railroad on the continent. Formed by the merger of the Chessie System and Seaboard System Railroads in 1980, the vast enterprise operates over 21,000 route miles in 23 states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Our download edition Super Set features a selection of EMD equipment found on this carrier from the early transition period through the modern day. Now you can add CSX to your Microsoft Train Simulator experience.

Download Dekosoft Trains CSX Super Set v.2.5 [68.1MB]


  • GP38-2 #2675
  • GP38-2 #2804
  • GP40-2 #6943
  • Road Motor #2228
  • MP15DC #1141
  • SD40-2 #2416
  • SD40-2 #8215
  • SD50 #8846

Dekosoft Common Resources

The Dekosoft Common Resources folder is required for all MSTS/Open Rails locomotive sets.

Version 1.8

    Adds new freight car sound set

Version 1.7.1:

    Corrected installation path

Version 1.7 update:

  • Adds new End-of-Train (EOT) device
  • Adds resources for high-resolution (2K) cabviews

Download Dekosoft Common Files v.1.8