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Cushioned Coil Car Set #1

Roll your steel loads in these cushioned coil cars. This reissued set features six unique cars with oval and square hoods to protect the cargo. Compatible with Microsoft Train Simulator and Open Rails — free download.

Download Dekosoft Trains Coil Car Set v.1.5

Upated 3 May 2015

BNSF Super Set

Our Burlington Northern Santa Fe Super Set brings you classic diesels with modern liveries. Featured in this value-priced package are detailed assortment of six-axle and four-axle units with matching freight equipment.

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BNSF Super Set Version 2.5*


  • GP39-2 #2799
  • GP50 #3168
  • GP50 #3184
  • SD40-2 #6349
  • SD40-2 #6902
  • SD40-2 #7038
  • SD40-2 #8000

Freight cars:

  • 50′ boxcars
  • 89′ autorack
  • 3-bay covered hopper

Also requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources (free download).

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* Due to licensing restrictions, available to U.S. customers only.

Union Pacific Super Set

The Union Pacific Railroad provided America’s first transcontinental link to the West. Today it is the largest railroad in North America, operating over 32,000 route miles in 23 states. Now fans of this carrier can collect our set of its modern era equipment. It includes a large assortment of four-axle and six-axle locomotives, featuring high resolution textures and sounds, plus new rolling stock to match.

Download Union Pacific Super Set Version 2.5.1 [88.7MB]


  • GP15-1 #1598
  • GP38-2 #293
  • GP40-2 #908
  • SD40-2 #3255
  • SD40-2 #3299
  • SD40-2 #3763
  • SD40-2 #3825
  • SD50 #5525
  • SD50 #5062

Download Union Pacific Freight Car Set Version 2.5.1 [39.8MB]


  • three-bay coal hoppers
  • 100 ton covered hoppers
  • 89′ autorack
  • 50′ boxcars
  • bay window caboose

Also requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources (free download).

CSX Super Set

CSX Transportation, Inc. comprises the largest freight rail network in the Eastern United States, and its legacy dates back to the first railroad on the continent. Formed by the merger of the Chessie System and Seaboard System Railroads in 1980, the vast enterprise operates over 21,000 route miles in 23 states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Our download edition Super Set features a selection of EMD equipment found on this carrier from the early transition period through the modern day. Now you can add CSX to your Microsoft Train Simulator experience.

Download Dekosoft Trains CSX Super Set v.2.5 [68.1MB]


  • GP38-2 #2675
  • GP38-2 #2804
  • GP40-2 #6943
  • Road Motor #2228
  • MP15DC #1141
  • SD40-2 #2416
  • SD40-2 #8215
  • SD50 #8846