Coming Soon: GP30 Pro Edition

Dekosoft Trains’ next product release will be value-priced GP30 Pro Edition sets. Our rendition of this classic EMD locomotive will be offered in BNSF and Union Pacific versions for Open Rails Train Simulator. Here’s a preview of the UP edition:

The Union Pacific Railroad has long taken an innovative approach in its use of diesel locomotive technology. In 1962, it was one of the first customers of General Motor’s GP30, a second generation general-purpose diesel switcher from its Electro-Motive Division, which featured many improvements over the first generation GP’s of the 1950s. This four-axle locomotive was based on a turbocharged 567 diesel power plant producing 2,250 horsepower and yielded up to 63,000 pounds of tractive effort. GM’s Automotive Styling Center, celebrated for its design of the 1959 Cadillac, created the GP30’s distinctive streamlined body. Union Pacific purchased the most GP30s of any railroad — a total of 111 cab units and 40 GP30B ‘booster’ units without cabs — and used them mostly for mainline freight service. A few GP30Bs were equipped with steam generators for passenger service.

Our Pro Edition set for Open Rails will include both GP30 phase II and GP30B models, painted in liveries ranging from the1960s through the last remaining units of the 1980s. We’re excited to include our first 3-D cab views to bring a new dynamic experience to the ORTS platform.

Coming in December 2014.