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BNSF Mainline Power

Operating over 32,500 route miles of track, BNSF Railway connects 28 states and 3 Canadian provinces, North America’s second largest Class 1 rail system.  The company formed through the merger of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroads in 1993, forging together a 160 year legacy. In the modern era, BNSF continues to innovate and play a vital economic role in the nation’s supply chain. In 2015, the railway hauled 10.2 million carloads of freight.

Our BNSF Mainline Power set recreates some typical motive power on the line, including General Electric and EMD six-axle units.

The GE Dash 9-44CW debuted in 1993, beginning a new era of high horsepower technology. The locomotive would become a mainstay of the BNSF fleet, with 1,697 units purchased.

Similar to the Dash 9, the AC4400CW model is equipped with alternating current  traction motors, designed to maximize tractive effort at low speeds. These provided added performance for heavy unit trains, carrying bulk commodities such as coal or grain.

To meet Federal goals of reducing in carbon emissions, the EPA set three stage of new requirements for locomotives.  GE developed the ES44DC to meet Tier 2 requirements and replace the Dash 9.

Further improvements in traction control produced the ES44C4, which reduced the number of powered axles from four to six, yet produced similar tractive effort at reduced cost.

Our set also includes two SD60M models — the first of the modern generation from EMD.


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Order Dekosoft Trains BNSF Mainline Power

  • Dash 9-44CW 799 (warbonnet)
  • Dash 9-44CW 1055 (H1)
  • Dash 9-44CW  (H2)
  • AC4400CW 5694
  • ES44DC 7905
  • ES44C4 6581
  • SD60M 1446 (BN green)
  • SD60M 8175 (H2 )

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BNSF freight car set:

Download Dekosoft Trains BNSF Freight Set v.3.0


Additional files required:

Download Dekosoft Mainline Common Files v.1.0.4

Required for all Mainline Sets

  • Once your order is processed, a download link for the installer will be sent to your e-mail address.
  • Download and run the installer.
  • Inside the trains set folder, open the bnsf_mainline_passwords.txt  to unlock the two remaining files.

GP30 Pro Edition: BNSF + Santa Fe sets

The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway dispatched GP30s to handle its fast freight trains through the Southwest. The phase II models of EMD’s second generation switcher rolled out of the factory in 1963, but many saw service through the company’s merger with Burlington Northern. Thanks to upgrades from railroad’s Cleburne, Texas shops, they boast 2,500 horsepower — a 250 horsepower increase over the standard GP30 — Santa Fe designated them as GP30u’s. Our GP30 Pro Edition Santa Fe set depicts units 2713 and 2744 in the famous blue and yellow warbonnet colors. Also included is unit 3244, a phase I model, in original early 60s livery.

Our companion BNSF set comes a trio of GP30u diesel locomotives, painted in post-merger colors. These weathered, long surviving veterans are employed for local service.

GP30 Installation and Operating Instructions (PDF)

GP30 Pro Edition Santa Fe

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  • ATSF 2713
  • ATSF 2744
  • ATSF 3224

GP30 Pro Edition: BNSF

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  • BNSF 2425
  • BNSF 2452
  • BNSF 2472

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