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Intermodal Freight Car Set

Go global with intermodal freight service!

Our freeware freight car set for Open Rails includes articulated, 3-unit double stack well cars with 45′ containers and 89′ flat cars with 45′ container and trailers. Use with our Mainline Power sets to get your priority shipments delivered on time.

Download Intermodal Freight Car Set

Cushioned Coil Car Set #1

Roll your steel loads in these cushioned coil cars. This reissued set features six unique cars with oval and square hoods to protect the cargo. Compatible with Microsoft Train Simulator and Open Rails — free download.

Download Dekosoft Trains Coil Car Set v.1.5

Upated 3 May 2015

Preview: Union Pacific Mainline Power

Dekosoft Trains announces its next major release: Union Pacific Mainline Power. The set of rolling stock for Open Rails Train Simulator will include modern 6-axle locomotives and freight cars. Here’s a sneak peek at the General Electric AC4400CW with 3d cab views and sounds, estimated for summer 2015 release.

GE first launched the AC4400CW in 1993 as a successor to the Dash 9-44CW series to tackle heavy freight service. The locomotive features 4,400 horsepower and uses alternating current traction motors, which offer better pulling power at low speeds than its predecessor. The locomotive achieved great success — a total of 2,598 units were produced, the Union Pacific Railroad claiming the highest ownership (many absorbed through mergers of the Chicago and Northwestern and Southern Pacific).

BNSF Super Set

Our Burlington Northern Santa Fe Super Set brings you classic diesels with modern liveries. Featured in this value-priced package are detailed assortment of six-axle and four-axle units with matching freight equipment.

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BNSF Super Set Version 2.5*


  • GP39-2 #2799
  • GP50 #3168
  • GP50 #3184
  • SD40-2 #6349
  • SD40-2 #6902
  • SD40-2 #7038
  • SD40-2 #8000

Freight cars:

  • 50′ boxcars
  • 89′ autorack
  • 3-bay covered hopper

Also requires installation of the Dekosoft Trains Common Resources (free download).

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* Due to licensing restrictions, available to U.S. customers only.

CSX Super Set

CSX Transportation, Inc. comprises the largest freight rail network in the Eastern United States, and its legacy dates back to the first railroad on the continent. Formed by the merger of the Chessie System and Seaboard System Railroads in 1980, the vast enterprise operates over 21,000 route miles in 23 states, the District of Columbia and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Our download edition Super Set features a selection of EMD equipment found on this carrier from the early transition period through the modern day. Now you can add CSX to your Microsoft Train Simulator experience.

Download Dekosoft Trains CSX Super Set v.2.5 [68.1MB]


  • GP38-2 #2675
  • GP38-2 #2804
  • GP40-2 #6943
  • Road Motor #2228
  • MP15DC #1141
  • SD40-2 #2416
  • SD40-2 #8215
  • SD50 #8846